Valda Story

Valda is an Irish start-up formed in late 2020 by two Dubliners and was inspired by an extended visit to the tropical paradise that is Sri Lanka. All of us have extensive experience owning and running our own businesses, and the rich 3000 year history of Ayuverdic health and natural wellbeing treatments for the mind and body appealed to us, and meshed with our passion for natural products.

We developed a laboratory and manufacturing facility in the capital Colombo, engaging with local natural spice and crop producers. These farms are privately owned and operated small-holdings, allowing full traceability of all the natural ingredients used to provide our skincare products. We aim to be 100% Fair Trade committed by the end of 2021. Our company is driving an entirely sustainable carbon footprint on the farms, in our laboratory and factory coupled with shipping by sea from Colombo to Dublin. All packaging will be recyclable and biodegradable and we will be continually striving to achieve full integrated biodiversity throughout our development and future growth.

The Valda range uses the natural oils of plants such as Coconut, Lavender and Wild Turmeric to create products that gently clean and moisturise. Our sanitisers contain 74% alcohol combined with aloe Vitamin E and essential oil so they are tough on germs but gentle on the skin.

We are also introducing Sri Lankan teas, coconut oil and coconut flour to our range and plan to introduce more items in the coming months, including a skincare range for men.



About Us

John D Cullen is a Dublin native and has been involved in the natural stone business since 1977. He has worked extensively in the manufacturing and supply of commercial projects with involvement from procurement to installation and completion of natural stone.

Bill Mulligan set up his first business in the early eighties, dealing with salvage and recovery in Ireland, UK, and Europe. After many years running this business, he sought sunnier skies in South Africa, where he emigrated with his family in the early 2000’s. He has returned to Dublin to work on the development of the Valda range. 

Delanie De Alwis is our Director of Operations in Colombo, driving the sustainable manufacturing and research for Valda. She was educated at the University of New Jersey, USA.